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Who We Are

A Brief History of Desert Song

Desert Song started in the hearts and minds of founders Frank and Michelle Bachara while they were living in Tehachapi.  Having helped to start a church from a coffee house and then serving several other churches, they were invited by their District Supervisors to start thinking about planting a church in the high desert region.

After Frank has served as Assistant Pastor at Mojave Foursquare Church for a year and a half, he and Michelle began meeting in California City.  Services began officially the first Sunday of 1992. For six years they met in their home until the purchase and construction of the current church building on Hacienda Blvd. was completed.

Being blessed with continued growth, Desert Song has plans to expand.  They've purchased the lot north of the present sanctuary and are seeking God's wisdom for the best way to make room for all that God has in store. (Please pray for them.)

Mission Methods


We believe that the call for Desert Song is based on Matthew 22:36-40.  We are to love God first and foremost, then love our neighbors as ourselves.  For us thee verses have produced a method of operation we call the 4 R’s: Repent, Restore, Renew and Release.


These 4 R’s are for us to us all the time in our journey with Christ, not just  a “one time around the block” system.


·      Repent: Young and old, we are called to repent, because we need to see things God’s way and make adjustments all the time.

·      Restore: Re-establish the God connection in the different areas of our lives.  We want to have fellowship with God in every aspect of life.

·      Renew: As God moves in our lives, we are made new according to His pattern and plan for us.

·      Release: We are released from our sin, unhealthy habits, and destructive thoughts into the fullness of what God has for us.  We are also released to share God’s blessings with other people.


This is only a brief explanation of the 4 R’s.  Please come and join us as we explore these concepts and grow in understanding of what the Lord has for us all.


Church Leadership:

Sr. Pastor: Frank Bachara

Assistant Pastor: Jeff Dennis

Christian Education: Michelle Bachara

Council: Jeff Dennis

              Becky Dennis

              Michelle Bachara

              Steve Patillo

              Sharon Chidos

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